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Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Mississippi

M.A. in Anthropology

Anthropology offers a Master’s degree in Anthropology, requiring a total of 30 credit hours. What can you do with an MA? Meet some of our graduates and see what our current students are doing M.A. Anthropology research – Department of Sociology and Anthropology (

Our four-field anthropology program offers courses in cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology and in archaeology that together provide a solid foundation for careers in anthropology and beyond. Our curriculum and employment opportunities also emphasize the methods anthropologists need for successful careers with quantitative anthropology (Anth 572), a seminar in research design & methodology (Anth 609), and two proseminars (Anth 604 and 605) that cover topics from CVs and job search panels to navigating ethics and thesis writing. Optional courses are available in digital anthropology, human osteology, forensics, and zooarcheology, as well as courses elsewhere on campus in GIS and forensic chemistry.

Students earn their degrees by passing comprehensive exams at the end of year 1, successfully completing coursework in years 1 and 2, and designing and writing an original thesis by the end of year 2. Click on the links below for a short description of the courses:

Anth 572 Quantitative Anthropology
Anth 601 Anthropological Theory & Methods
Anth 604 Professional Development I
Anth 605 Professional Development II
Anth 606 Seminar in Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology
Anth 607 Seminar in Biocultural Anthropology
Anth 608 Seminar in Archaeology
Anth 609 Seminar in Research Design and Methodology
Anth 697 Thesis

Catalog Description

Overview | Degree Requirements

Minimum Total Credit Hours: 30

Course Requirements

The M.A. in anthropology requires 24 semester hours of graduate course work and a minimum of 6 hours of thesis credit. At least half of the courses must be taken at the 600 level. The 24 course hours must include Quantitative Methods in Anthropology (Anth 572), Anthropological Theory and Methods (Anth 601), Seminar in Cultural Anthropology (Anth 606), Seminar in Biocultural Anthropology (Anth 607), Seminar in Archaeology (Anth 608), and Seminar in Research Design & Methodology (Anth 609), and Professional Development Seminars I and II (Anth 604 and 605). Students must attain a B- or better in Anth 572, 601, 606, 607, 608, and 609.

Other Academic Requirements

The coursework and seminars prepare students for comprehensive exams based on their coursework at the end of the first year. Students also work with a thesis advisor in their first year to design a written research proposal. After passing a written and oral defense with the thesis advisor and committee, the students spend the second year researching and writing their Master’s thesis and earn their degrees after passing a written and oral thesis defense.

Financial Assistance

Most students accepted into the program receive funding in the form of teaching and research assistantships. Qualified students receive partial or full tuition scholarships and an annual stipend that can reach $13,500, with additional funds available through academic excellence and other recruiting scholarships. Employment opportunities, financial aid, and summer research funds also are available. See the Financial Aid Information from the Graduate College for more information.