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Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Mississippi

B.A. in Sociology

The B.A. in Sociology program entails 30 hours of coursework beyond general education and minor requirements in the College of Liberal Arts. The B.A. in Sociology program is intended to provide students with a solid grounding in the core theories and research methods for the systematic study of human social life. Additional attention is directed toward critical thinking, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and effective communication for addressing important social issues. The core areas of offerings entail theory, methods, inequalities, culture, social change, and development.

Sociology Classes

The required courses for the major are:

Soc 101 Introductory Sociology
Soc 365 Methods of Social Research
Soc 302 Sociological Theory

Electives in the B.A. in Sociology program are wide ranging. They address topics including, among others: demography; culture; religion; environment, food systems, and health; and social movements, development, and change. Students also have the opportunity to take special topics, independent studies, and research project courses. Across these diverse options, there is a common emphasis on understanding the position and needs of often marginalized groups in society coupled with efforts for social change and development. Additionally, there are strong currents of intersectional approaches, global south frameworks, and field-oriented methodologies across faculty research and teaching.

Catalog Description

Overview | Degree Requirements

Sociology is the systematic study of human social life. The B.A. in sociology provides students with the basic tools of sociological analysis including social research methods (both quantitative and qualitative) and theory. The curriculum in sociology equips students to more effectively negotiate the diverse society in which we live by addressing social inequalities, culture, community development, social institutions, and social change.

Minimum Total Credit Hours: 120

General Education Requirements

See the General Education/Core Curriculum for the College of Liberal Arts.

Course Requirements

A major in sociology for the B.A. degree requires 30 semester hours, including Soc 101, 302, 365, and 498, and 21 semester hours of sociology electives.

Other Academic Requirements

Not more than 3 hours of Soc 552 may be used for the major in sociology. A sociology major may minor in anthropology and vice versa.