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Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Mississippi


The following graduate courses in sociology are offered in by the department. Click on the link for additional information, including prerequisites (if any), from the university catalog.

Soc 501: Statistics
This course is an introduction to quantitative data management and analysis with hand computations and computer software. Attention is given to descriptive and inferential statistics, combined with parametric and nonparametric hypothesis testing.

Soc 502: Social Research Methods
In this course, students will critically analyze the assumptions, strengths, and limitations of different research methods in order to develop a researchable sociological question, write a research proposal, and carry out an actual research project.

Soc 531: Lectures in Community Organization
Theoretical and pragmatic aspects of community problems and development.

Soc 545: Seminar in Population Studies
Population distribution, composition, growth, migration, vital processes, and problems.

Soc 552: Individual Study Project
Instructor Approval Required.

Soc 601: Studies in Social Theory

Soc 603: Studies in Empire and Revolution
This is an interdisciplinary seminar investigating colonial and postcolonial eras with focus on subjugation, resistance, and revolutionary action across class, racial, gender, national, and religious boundaries. Cross-listed as Anth 603.

Soc 605: Practicum in Research
Practical research experience through the development of social research designs, data collection in the field, and detailed analysis and discussion of collected data.

Soc 607: Studies in the Community
An examination of the theory and methods of community study. Major focus is on the community in change.

Soc 611: Studies in Population Analysis
Current databases, methods in demographic research and their applications.

Soc 613: Studies in Race and Ethnicity
Examines racial and ethnic relations in historical and comparative perspectives using contemporary social scientific research and theories.

Soc 615: Sociology of Culture
This seminar will explore themes and debates that emerge from the intersection of contemporary social theory and sociology of culture, and that animate contemporary research on culture.

Soc 621: Professional Development I
Practical topics related to the graduate program and the discipline of sociology, including succeeding in graduate school, preparing a vita, ethical and human subjects issues, forming a thesis committee, utilizing technology, and preparing for interviews.

Soc 622: Professional Development II
Continuation of Soc 621.

Soc 623: Collaborative Research Seminar
Offers graduate students the opportunity to discuss collectively a variety of issues related to writing an M.A thesis. Focus on peer review and revision of thesis chapters.

Soc 625: Current Debates in Gender
Examines the social and cultural construction of gender differences in contemporary U.S. society, focusing on the social history of gender roles and gender inequality in current cultural and institutional practices.

Soc 631: Studies in Deviant Behavior
Sociological perspectives on deviance; comprehensive review, analysis, and evaluation of theories of deviant behavior from the past to the present.

Soc 635: Teaching Sociology
Interactive seminar includes creating a teaching philosophy, fostering creativity, leading meaningful discussions, managing a classroom, planning a class or presentation, communicating powerfully, utilizing technology and evaluation. Develop practical skills and practice leading sessions.

Soc 640: Sociology of Health Disparities
Overview of historical roots and contemporary sociological relevance of disparties in health and wellness. Focus on race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexual orientation and their impact on health. Potential remedies for disparities are discussed.

Soc 651: Fields of Sociology
Basic theory and methods applied to selected areas of sociological analysis.

Soc 652: Individual Study Project

Soc 697: Thesis

Soc 699: Internship in Sociology
Supervised research and work in organizations either on or off campus.