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Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Mississippi

Current Sociology Graduate Students

Chelsea Baddley

Sociology of Education, Gender, Poverty, Organizations, Race, Quantitative Methodology
Lamar Hall 546


Tierney Bamrick

Arts, Nonprofits & Social Impact, Gender & Sexuality
Lamar Hall 541

Ebonee Carpenter

Race/Ethnicity; Social Stratification
Lamar Hall 541

Kara Beth Coward

Culture, Education, Race & Ethnicity
Lamar Hall 545

Patricia DeFelice

Race; Gender; Housing and gentrification
Lamar Hall 541

Shela Duke

Poverty Education, Prison, Drugs & Alcohol, Social Psychology
Lamar Hall 545

Adam Franco

Community Development & Globalism, Food, Environment
Lamar Hall 546

Christopher Gage

Culture, Social Change, Gentrification
Lamar Hall 545

Kaitlyn Hall

Gender, Race, Inequalities
Lamar Hall 543

Henry Halphen

Race Studies, Identity & Sexuality & Gender
Lamar Hall 546

Thomas Miller

Lamar Hall 541

Randy Morgan

Demography, Rural Sociology, Inequality in MS, Population Studies, Historical Sociology, Poverty, Labor
Lamar Hall 546

Stephanie Poiroux

Historical-Comparative Sociology, Altruism, Social Movements, Race & Ethnicity
Lamar Hall 543

Madison (Maddie) Shappley

Gender & Sexuality; Stonewall Riots
Lamar Hall 541

Parker Smith

Gender & Sexuality, Sociology of Body, Sociology of Education, Environmental Sociology, Social Justice
Lamar Hall 546

Pace Ward

Gender & Sexuality; Religion; Cultural Sociology; Music
Lamar Hall 541