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Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Mississippi

M.A. Anthropology research


Peter Mudzingwa is a first-year graduate students in the anthropology Master’s program.

I am interested in protection and conservation of cultural and natural heritage for sustainable development in southern Africa, especially how heritage sites symbolize the politics and culture of societies.”

Peter Mudzingwa in the Namib Desert of coastal Namibia in May 2023 (image on left).

The Namib Desert (in Namibia) is a coastal desert in southern Africa that stretches for more than 1,200 miles along the Atlantic coasts of Angola, Namibia, and South Africa.”



Kasey Corey is a first-year graduate student in the anthropology Master’s program.

I study patterns of human migration 1,300 years ago at a Maya archaeological site in Belize called Lower Dover. Sampling tooth enamel from people who lived in this city can tell us who moved in the past and where they came from.”

Corey excavating with the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project at Lower Dover, Belize in 2023 (image on left).




Kaitlyn Sisco is a second-year grad student who did her field research this summer in Patagonia (image on left).

My thesis research is on socio-environmental change, ecofeminist activisms, and gendered experiences in Argentine Patagonia. As climate change intensifies, locations in the global South face disproportionate impacts, so it is important to consider environmental justice in places like El Chaltén, Argentina.”

Kaitlyn also has a Graduate Writing Fellowship with the University of Mississippi Writing Center.





Max Conrad is pursuing two MA projects, one in anthropology and the other in southern studies. 

My thesis has focused on Confederate immigration to Brazil in the 19th century and their descendants in the town of Sant Bárbara d’Oeste in the interior of São Paulo. I look at how ethnic, racial, and national identity interweaves with the histories of Brazil and the United States.”

The photo at left is one of his favorites from his research in Brazil.