University of Mississippi


Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Mississippi!  The 2013-14 academic year promises to be exciting.  Whether you are a current (or potential) major or minor, graduate student, faculty member, or someone who is simply curious about the social world (past or present), we’ve got a lot in store for you …

  • We offer fantastic courses taught by dedicated and award-winning faculty.  Introductory courses in Sociology and Anthropology provide a “map” of the exciting elements of our discipline. Upper division and graduate courses provide deeper insights into faculty member’s areas of expertise.
  • Four new faculty members in Anthropology have joined us this year! Their research and teaching focus on environmental capitalism in contemporary Latin American (Dr. Marcos Mendoza), the archaeology of Southeastern Indians (Dr. Maureen Meyers), Latinos in the U.S. south (Dr. Simone Delerme), and bioarchaeology in Central America (Dr. Carolyn Freiwald).
  • Our Department Lecture Series will start back this Fall on Fridays at NOON in Leavell 105 and will feature the current research of Dr. Jeff Jackson (Sept. 13),  Dr. Carolyn Freiwald (Oct. 4th) and Dr. Kate Centellas (Nov. 1st).
  • We house two important peer-reviewed journals in our Department. Dr. Robbie Ethridge is the North American editor of Ethnohistory, the flagship journal for the American Society for Ethnohistory and Dr. John Green is the editor for Community Development, the official journal of the Community Development Society.
  • The Critical Race Studies Group, a network of interdisciplinary scholars, headed this year by Dr. Kirk Johnson, continues to use academic research on race to create social change in our own institution and surrounding communities.
  • The Center for Population Studies, headed by Dr. John Green, provides exciting opportunities for engaged community research on issues including social inequality and population health.
  • The McLean Institute for Public Service and Community Engagement is directed by Professor of Sociology, Dr. Albert Nylander.  On behalf of the University, he will be leading the Delta Leadership Institute.  McLean is now located on the 3rd floor in Howry Hall. Check out the McLean Institute website for their impressive agenda this year:
  • Field School Opportunities are available for hands-on research in Mississippi with Dr. Jay Johnson and in Bolivia with Dr. Kate Centellas.  Dr. Jay Johnson directs the Center for Archeological Research and has an active research agenda with ongoing projects in the state.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help.  Contact us at (662) 915-7421 or stop by Leavell Hall 103.

Have a great year!

Kirsten Dellinger

Chair, Sociology and Anthropology