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Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Mississippi

Sociology M.A. Theses & Internship Projects

The following is a comprehensive list of our Sociology M.A. graduates since 2006 and (if applicable), their thesis or internship project. PDF copies of theses since 2011 are available via ProQuest, but you will need to log in through the University of Mississippi’s WedID system. Additional theses available through the University of Mississippi Libraries’ Sociology & Anthropology theses archive.


    • Bamrick, Tierney. “Holding Space: Learning from a Black Arts Organization”
    • Shappley, Madison. “’It’s a Cis-Gendered Man’s World’: How Drag Kings Create Good Drag in Their Fight to be Seen as the Best Performers”
    • Ward, Pace. “’Out to Get Us’: Contemporary Evangelical Expressions of Identity in Interaction”


    • Bradley, Denae. “School and Community Factors that Contribute to Educational Resiliency Among African American Students in the Mississippi Delta.”
    • Moffett, Rachel Meredith. “U.S. Probation Internship Report.”


      • Alford, Katrina Danielle. “Cumulative Disadvantage, Poverty, and the Role of Community Capitals: A Spatial Analysis of Uneven Development in the Multi-State Delta Region.”
      • Buckingham, Danielle. “Invisible Labor: A Mixed Method Study on African American Women and Their Emotional Labor in the Academy.”
      • Chandler, Kyle. “An Internship With the Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Engagement.”
      • Costa-Gregor, Heather Rose. “Abstinence Based Sex Education: A Mixed Method Evaluation of Experiences with and the Effectiveness of Sex Education in the Deep South.”
      • Crafton, Levi. “Broadening International Relationships: Meeting Needs of International Students.”
      • Haggard, Rachel. “Community Resilience: A Meta-Study of International Development Rhetoric in Emerging Economic Countries.”


        • Avery, BrieAnn. “Stereotypes and the Self-Perceptions of Black Women: How Places and Stereotypes Matter.”
        • Bolds, Taylar. “Deconstructing the Winner’s Circle.”
        • Frazier, LaTierney. “Black Students Resisting and Coping with Racism at Predominantly White Institutions.”
        • Whalen, Ian. “‘Discreet Only’: An Exploration of Discreet Practices on Grindr in a Mississippi Town.”
        • Williams, Kayla. “Multiracial Individuals, Gender Dynamics, and Dating.”
        • Williams, Shan’ternera. “Internship with the Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Development”
        • Yamamoto, Ai. “War Time Memories of ‘Shojo (Girl)’: An Analysis of Japanese Girls’ Magazine, Shojo no Tomo (A Friend of Girls), and its Readers.”


        • Brooking, Caitlin. “How Does Place Affect Access to ‘What Works’?: Empirical and Indigenous Knowledge Usage in Urban and Rural NGO Intervention Design.”
        • Griffin, Daniela. “Funneled Into Prison: Race and Behavior Modification at a Mississippi Alternative School.”
        • Hoff, Andrew. “Gender, Fields, and Networks: Gender Inequality in the Field of Television Production from 1951-2014.”
        • Jones, Natya K. “Is Your Parenting Style Hindering Your Child’s Chances at Succeeding in their Post-Secondary Education? A Pilot Study of Parent Gender and Parenting Style Effects on College Student Adjustment.” ProQuest/UMI:10160600
        • Mamiya, Kei. “The William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, Graduate Practicum: Creating Safe Environments for Everybody, Growing Understandings of Oppression and Diversity at the University of Mississippi.”
        • Taylor, Shanda. “Sociological Assessment of the McLean Mentors Youth Program.”


        • Canarios, Caroline. “Seed to Sale: Boundary Work in Mississippi Agriculture.” ProQuest/UMI:10000713
        • Ferguson, Michael. Teaching Internship.
        • Hugh, Jones. Teaching Internship.
        • Takamune, Itsuka. “BeautificationPractices Among Asian and Asian American College Students.” ProQuest/UMI:1601190


        • Deleveaux, Jamiko. “Maintaining Community on ‘Hardship’ Island: A Case Study of Demographic Change and Community Agency.” ProQuest/UMI:1566313
        • Horton, Kristen A. “Why Aren’t More Heathens Eco-pagan Vegetarians: The Intersection of Gender, Politics, and Spiritual Environmentalism.”
        • Parks, Vanessa. “The Social Ecology of Men’s Sexual Self-Efficacy in the Mississippi Delta.” ProQuest/UMI:1560871
        • Webb, Noah. “Improbable Dreams: A Qualitative Case Study of an Elite High School Football Program.” ProQuest/UMI:1566378
        • Sacks, Alice. “An Internship with ‘The Pantry’ in Oxford.”


        • Bradley, Michael. “Knowledge, Attitudes, and Recovery: An Internship with the URMC.”
        • Howe-Huist, Elizabeth. “Single Fathers and Social Support.” ProQuest/UMI:1545637
        • Kerr, Danielle E. “Butch, Femme, Dyke, or Lipstick–Aren’t All Lesbians the Same?: An Exploration of the Use of Labels among Lesbians in the U.S. South.” ProQuest/UMI:1545641
        • Nelms, Jamie. Teaching Internship.
        • Moore, Bobby. Teaching Internship.


        • Balliet, Jen. “Gender and Sexuality in Blame Attributions for Intimate Partner Violence.” ProQuest:1515279
        • Jarjoura, Zachary. “Campus Activism: An Internship with Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.”
        • Jones, Kenneth. “Will Witness #3 Please Step Forward?: An Internship with the Mississippi Innocence Project.”
        • Grey, Tiffiney. “Black Women, Cultural Images, and Social Services: Attitudes Toward Seekers of Social Services—the case of a non-profit, philanthropic organization in Jackson, Mississippi”
        • Reece, Robert. “King of the Hill ‘s Souphanousiphones, The New Model Minority, and the Subversive Model Minority.” ProQuest/UMI:1518968
        • Moncrief, Thomas. “Developing a Youth Led Organization in Biloxi, Mississippi.”
        • Thurmond, Juan, “Language as Microagression: The New Lexicon of American Racism.” ProQuest/UMI:1532144
        • Walker, Jasmine. “‘We’re paid to take care of the Movement. The Movement ain’t paid to take care of us.’: The Promise and Challenges of Workplace Strategies of Black Feminist Organizations.”


        • Dial, Jonathan. “Running Identities and Interaction Ritual Chains.” ProQuest/UMI:1495781
        • Casteel, Callie Flowers. “Transforming Cafeteria into Classroom: Garden-Based Pedagogy in Foodservice.”
        • Knop, Brian. “Taking Parties Seriously: Gendered Sexuality and Hook up Culture at Greek Social Events.” ProQuest/UMI:1496338
        • Richard, Jordan. “‘On a good day, you get to kill a whore’: Narrative Misogyny and Female Audience Engagement in Supernatural.” ProQuest/UMI:1496358
        • Brown, Joey. “Financial Cultural Capital: Cultural Capital in the Context of Higher Education and Federal Student Loans.” ProQuest/UMI:1505794
        • Nelson, Cheryl (Rosie). “From Student to ‘Sorority Girl’: Gender, Class, and Presentation of Self in Formal Sorority Recruitment.” ProQuest/UMI:1505889


        • Guyton, Drew.
        • Sims, Gregory, “Hurricane Katrina: Images and Voices of African American Women.”
        • Whitaker, James Andrew. “Representational Crisis in Psychiatry: Corporate Hegemony and Postmodern Knowledge.”
        • Whitmire, Wendy. Teaching Internship.


        • Elliot, Shane. “Work-Topia:An Analysis of Near Perfect Worker Control in a Product Distribution Facility.”
        • Hutcherson, Ben. “Moshing and Thrashing and Headbanging (Oh My!): Gender, Genre, and Authenticity in the Extreme Metal Subculture.”
        • Mixson, Susan.
        • Zhou, Wenlu


        • Holden, Brianne.
        • Tate, Maggie. “Race-ing and Gendering Art Criticism: Politics of Identity in the Reviews of Iorna Simpson, Glenn Ligon, and Kara Walker.
        • Wages, Gwen.


        • McClure, Monique.
        • Walsh, Sarah. “What Everyone Knows About Fellowship Estates: Investigating Perspectives of a Neighborhood Association’s History Through the Lens of the Sociology of Knowledge.”
        • Reese, Jason Reese.
        • Williams, Lauren.
        • Woo, Lynn.


      • Dessier, Matthieu. “The Real Deal:Experiencing Authenticity in the Music of R.L. Burnside.”
      • Reese, Kanin L. “An Applied Study of Putnam’s Social Capital Theory in Pontotoc County, Mississippi.”
      • Chandler, Thomas.
      • Phillips, Deidre.