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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

University of Mississippi

Lecture: Professional Work in a “Post Racial” Era: Black Professional Workers in the Health Care Industry

Adia Harvey Wingfield
Professor of Sociology
Washington University, St. Louis

The research that is the basis for the talk is a study of how economic and organizational changes to work specifically impact black professionals. One major recent change is that many organizations now state their commitment to and interest in creating a more diverse workforce, yet research shows they rarely do this in ways that tangibly change the numbers of women of all races and minority men at the top levels of organizations. Part of my project investigates the consequences of this paradox for black professionals in high status occupations. Though the research focuses specifically on the health care industry, my findings and conclusions have broad implications for black workers in a variety of professional occupations, as many other industries wrestle with this stated desire for more diversity even while they shed the organizational resources that would enable this to occur. Thus, my presentation will help shed light not just on how this happens in health care, but how this could apply to black faculty who encounter similar organizational processes.

Part of the Department of Sociology & Anthropology 2018 Spring Lecture Series.