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Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Mississippi

Department of Sociology and Anthropology Guidelines for Payments and Reimbursements

All department members, please follow these steps in requesting payments and reimbursements:

  1. Keep your receipt while making your purchase. If possible, please remember to use the UM tax exempt number: 64-6001159.
  2. To get reimbursed, fill out a Request for Payment Form. Evelyn can assist you with this by filling out the form for you if you would like her to. The form is available here (.pdf) and here (.doc).
  3. Indicate on the form which account you would like to use for this payment.
  4. If you are the signatory officer on the account, be sure to sign under “Signatory Officer.” If you are using a Department account or are not the signatory officer, leave blank.
  5. Send the Request for Payment Form, a digital copy of the receipts (either scan or photograph), and any other documents concerning your request to Evelyn at
  6. After you send the documents, Evelyn will finalize the Request for Payment form and will forward to Dr. Jeff Jackson for his signature.  You, the requestor, will also be copied on the email.
  7. Dr. Jackson will send the signed form back to Evelyn who will forward it over to Procurement Services for payment, with all attachments included.
  8. Please keep a hard copy of the receipt or put in the “Main department” mailbox for our records.

Details regarding these procurement guidelines are included below.

Full details available on the Procurement website


Guidelines for Submitting Purchasing and Payment Documents to Procurement Services due to COVID-19 Social Distancing
March 18, 2020

The Office of Procurement Services is open during normal operating hours to answer calls (x7448), receive mail and paper documents, process check and ACH payments, etc. Because we have staff both on administrative leave and telecommuting, the best way to contact us is by sending emails as prescribed below. We have staff checking these email accounts throughout the day, but please understand our response time may be delayed as we are focused on mission critical requests. For immediate assistance contact Rachel Bost.

In accordance to the procedures set in place by Procurement Services, the following documents will be received and forwarded to Procurement for processing.

Invoices for Purchase Orders and Requests for Payment
Although new expenditures should be limited to mission critical, we are processing invoices and payment requests for goods and services already rendered as well. We ARE accepting invoices and requests for payment forms digitally if the originals cannot be submitted under the current circumstances. These documents should be sent to Requests for payment still require approval by a signatory officer. For forms that are submitted without a physical signature, please attach signatory officer approval, e.g., email or memo.
For all invoices and payment requests sent digitally, the department should collect and hold the original documents. Please do NOT send the original if a copy was emailed to us. Departments should collect these original documents centrally and hold them for possible surrender at a later date.