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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

University of Mississippi

Anthropology M.A. Theses

The following is a list of recent Anthropology M.A. graduates and their theses. PDF copies of theses are available via ProQuest, but you will need to log in through the University of Mississippi’s WedID system. Older theses available through the University of Mississippi Libraries’ Sociology & Anthropology theses archive.


  • Clark, Emily. “The Analysis of the Contact-Era Settlements in Clay, Lowndes, and Oktibbeha Counties in Northeast Mississippi.”
  • Coggin, Gabrielle. Research at the Catacombs of Santa Lucia (St. Lucy), Syracuse, Sicily.
  • Meyer, Grace. “Into Ireland: An Analysis of Cultural Hybridity, Immigration, Food, and Place in the Silicon Docks Market in Dublin, Ireland.”
  • Smith, Allison M. “Sherds with Style: A Ceramic Analysis from a Protohistoric Site in Okitbbeha County, Mississippi.”
  • Issacs, Morgan. “Fluorine dating of human bone at the pre-Columbian Maya cemetery of Caves Branch Rockshelter, Belize.”


  • Billstrand, Nicholas. “Linearly stressed to death: Consideration of early childhood stress as a main contributor to the regional variability in classic Maya mortuary profiles.” ProQuest/UMI:10160607
  • Gardner, Garreth Blake. “Project meshnet and the politics of scientific practice.” ProQuest/UMI:10127500
  • Orsini, Stephanie R. “From turkeys to tamales: Paleoindian to Preclassic period faunal use at Maya Hak Cab Pek rockshelter in southern Belize.” ProQuest/UMI:10127482
  • Howell, Cameron Smith. “A comparison of shovel testing and surface collection as archaeological site discovery methods: A case study using Mississippian farmsteads.” ProQuest/UMI:10127499
  • Waalk, Jacob. “Pocket monsters and pirate treasure: Fantasy and social platforms in the 21st century.” ProQuest/UMI:10127297


  • Broughton, Whitney. “Childhood growth in an Oneonta community: Examining long bone growth differencecs in the juveniles at Norris Farms 36.” ProQuest/UMI:1573518
  • Butz, Samuel Henri. “Excavations of Mound B: A ridge-top mound at the Carson site, a Mississippian mound center in the Northern Yazoo Basin.” ProQuest/UMI:1591228
  • Harrison, Kimberly Nicole. “Temper, mounds, and palisades: the Walford site (22SU501) of Sunflower County, Mississippi.” ProQuest/UMI:1591249
  • McLeod, Todd. “Developing an architectural sequence for a portion of the Mound A enclosure at the Carson Mound Group, Coahoma County, Mississippi.” ProQuest/UMI:1601201


  • Cureton, Travis B. “Cohonina social organization and the role of forts in integration and interaction: A view from the Pittsberg community.” ProQuest/UMI:1560806
  • Stewart, Hanna. “From the mouths of Mississippian: Determining biological affinity between the Oliver site (22-Co-503) and the Hollywood site (22-Tu-500).” ProQuest/UMI:1566369
  • Wendt, LeeAnne J. “Understanding Strawberry Plains through landscape archaeology.” ProQuest/UMI:1566379