University of Mississippi

Why Study Sociology?

“Whatever sociology may be, it is the result of constantly asking the question, what is the meaning of this?”
— C. Wright Mills

Are you fascinated by the dynamics of human social interaction? Would you like to investigate the root causes of social problems? Are you interested in social change? Then you may wish to consider majoring in sociology. Sociology is the systematic study of human social life. The undergraduate program in sociology provides students with the basic tools of sociological analysis including social research methods (both quantitative and qualitative) and theory. Furthermore, our curriculum equips students to more effectively negotiate the diverse society in which we live by addressing social inequalities such as race/ethnicity, gender and social class. Above all, our program–which emphasizes writing, critical thinking, group dialogue, and one-on-one faculty mentorship– gives our graduates the strong writing, research, and analytic skills that are increasingly attractive to employers in the information age.