University of Mississippi

M.A. Alumni in Anthropology

Broughton, Whitney.
Childhood growth in an Oneonta community: examining long bone growth differencecs in the juveniles at Norris Farms 36.

Butz, Samuel Henri.
Excavations of Mound B: a ridge-top mound at the Carson site, a Mississippian mound center in the Northern Yazoo Basin.

Harrison, Kimberly Nicole.
Temper, mounds, and palisades: the Walford site (22SU501) of Sunflower County, Mississippi.

McLeod, Todd

Waalk, Jacob

Cureton, Travis,
Cohonina Social Organization and the Role of Forts in Integration and Interaction: A View from the Pittsberg Community

Stewart, Hanna
From the Mouths of Mississippians: Determining Biological Affinity Between the Oliver Site (22-Co-503) and the Hollywood Site (22-Tu-500)

Wendt, LeeAnne
Understanding Strawberry Plains Though Landscape Archaeology

Carpenter, Erika
Examination of Architectural Features on Mound C of the Carson Group, Coahoma County, Mississippi

Cook, Megan Donnigan
Decorated Ceramics at Cypress Citadel (11JS76): Patterning at a Late Woodland Site in Southern Illinois

Rich, Jennifer
Mounds in the Landscape: A Comparative Study of Landscape Archaeology in English-Speaking Northern Europe and North America

Tan, Tanna
A Joining of Hands: Form, Function, and Diversity at a Buddhist Monastery in Batesville, Mississippi

Tolbert, Elaine
Nationalism in Ireland: Archaeology, Myth, and Identity

Lee Michael Creswell
15MD158:  Evacuations and Lithic Analysis of a Late Archaic/Early Woodland Lithic Workshop Site in Meade County, Kentucky

Megan Flowers
The Art of Going Beyond in Hossana, Ethiopia

Stephen Harris
The Use of Space at the Late Woodland Shady Grove Site (22-Qu-525)

Jacquelyn Kyle
The Archaeology of Mortuary Ritual as a Rite of Passage in Prehistoric Europe

Rodney Parker
“Mais Bonito da Regiao:”  The Cacao-Producing Region of Cachoeira Alta, Bahia, and the Transition from Wage Labor to Small Farming

Aaron Bobik
Food and Identity:  A Case Study of Roman Soldiers and Native Civilians in Roman Britain

Benjamin Russell
Postglacial Sandy Hill:  A Regional Manifestation of the Gulf of Main Archaic Tradition

Wendy Cegielski:
A GIS-Based Analysis of Chickasaw Settlement in Northeast Mississippi: 1650-1840

Jenna James:
Modeling Mortuary Behavior Based on Secondary Burial Data from Carson Mound Group, Coahoma County, Mississippi

Jessica Johns:
A Comparison of Vertebral Osteoarthritis between Archaic and Mississippian Populations and Its Relation to Subsistence Activities: An Examination of the Burials at the Perry Site (1Lu25) and Moundville (MSM) Site

Lenna Nash:
Osteology of the Chalillo Dam Archaeology Salvage Project, Upper Macal River Valley, Belize.

Justin Rego:
A Lithic Technological Analysis of the Nunnery Collection Bifaces from the Toby-Thornhill Site in Lauderdale County, Mississippi

Sarah Stephens:
The South Cape Site (23Cg8) of Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Alexis Assimacopoulos
Let the good times roll: Hurricane Katrina, the blues, and new normalcy in New Orleans

Joshua Engle:
Rochdale (22Bo654) and Dry Bayou (22Co666): A study of Lower Mississippi Valley Hopewell interaction

Jessica Hardy Haley:
Understanding functional and symbolic variation in rockshelters of the Caves Branch River Valley of Western Belize, Central America.

Edward R. Henry:
Geophysical prospection and excavation at an Early Woodland ceremonial circle in Bourbon County, KY

Benjamin Kelsey
The household economy of an island settlement in 18th century Connecticut.

Brent Lansdell:
A chronological assessment of the Carson Mound Group, Stovall, Mississippi

Glenn Strickland:
Multidimensional visual testing of Mississippian mounds


Emily Greene:
New perspectives on Celtic feasting

Jillian Jordan:
Persistence in the periphery: archaeological investigations at Baateelek, Caves Branch River Valley, Belize


Allan Lemmon
The University of Mississippi confederate cemetery: lost cause ideology, monumentation, and ritual

Mary Clarice Sullivan
Before Inca to after the Spanish: interpreting different cultural patterns using GPR in Pambamaca, Ecuador.


Erin Stevens:
The making of a monument: investigating mound stratigraphy in the Yazoo Basin

Lorrie Jerome:
Grave goods of early historic Chickasaw burials


Aaron S. Fogel:
Investigating a Mississippian mound top structure utilizing archaeogeophysics and archaeology : a three-dimensional application of down-hole magnetic susceptibility technology

Kelsey M. Lowe:
Using interdisciplinary techniques for investigating paleochannel sequences at the Parchman Place mounds in the Yazoo basin of northwest Mississippi

Zeynep Nahide Aydin:
The application of multi-sensor remote sensing techniques in archaeology

Heather Denise Mauldin:
Tangible connections to an African past: archaeological and ethnohistorical investigations of the Silk Hope, Dublin/Richmond and Cherry Hill plantations

Chrisopher William Simmons:
Chocolate plantation: a geophysical and archaeological examination of a sea island cotton plantation on Sapelo Island, Georgia

Robin Anne Wiebe:
Non-specific stress indicators and growth efficiency in the Archaic and Mississippian at the Perry site (1 LU25) in Northwestern Alabama

Pollyanna Atkinson Held:
Using remote sensing to search for the elusive Fort Maurepas along the back bay of Biloxi

Ladonna Faith Brown:
A reconstruction of Moreau chambers’: 1937 excavation of a Chickasaw village in northeastern Mississippi

Sarah Joy Walker:
“Authentic” versus tourist: reexamining a collection of West African art in light of new debates and old ambiguities


Pamela Deanne Edwards:
An analysis of late prehistoric ceramics from the Hollywood site (22TU500) in Tunica County, Mississippi

Jessica Fleming Crawford:
Archaic effigy beads: a new look at some old beads

Dona Rausch:
Glass trade beads among the early historic Chickasaw


John Peukert:
Ground penetrating radar at Hollywood

Matt Reynolds:
Magnetic remote sensing and ground truth: some examples from the Hollywood site, Tunica County, Mississippi

Bryan Haley:
Airbone remote sensing techniques, digital image processing, and multisensor gis analysis at the Hollywood site, a late Mississippian mound center

John Sullivan:
Fracture patterns of fire cracked rock, an analysis of artifacts from the Batesville mounds, 22PA500, Panola County, Mississippi

Michelle Renee McAnally:
A land use history of the Holly Springs National Forest


Alice Christine Chaney:
Understanding cultural influences on the descriptive language of pain

Carla Sue Hildebrand:
Quantitative quaternary gis analysis of prehistoric site locations in the upper Yazoo Basin, Mississippi

Shannon Larry Sumrall:
Alternative and complementary medicine: a focus on qigong


Phoenix Marie Savage:
The evolution of hoodoo in Mississippi and contemporary black health

Lainie Shanks Luse:
A comparison of soil types and their relation to Mississippian and historic period site selection


James Phillips:
Architectural remains at Wu

Abby Lee Ingram:
The cultural and historical underpinnings for the use of medicinal plants in the Mississippi Delta


Monroe Causey Ginn:
The relationship between patient satisfaction and patient compliance in a case management program

Troy Steven Maxcy:
Chickasaw ethnohistory, 1721-1740: the Journal of the Council and Council in Assembly South Carolina sessional papers


Gail L. Heimer:
Beliefs and behaviors associated with vitamin supplementation

Rodney Thomas Stuart:
A ceramic analysis of the early and middle woodland components of the Batesville Mounds site

Michael James Wild:
Archaeological investigations of the 15 acre tract for the proposed construction of the Tennessee Valley Authority customer service center, city of Tupelo, Lee County, Mississippi


Melko Rasica:
The calendrical cycle in the pre-christian religion of the croats

John VanHecke:
The excavations at Walton-Young House, Oxford, Mississippi

David Fant:
Early woodland sites on the Holly Springs National Forest, archaeological survey from 1992-1995, and the testing of site 22 MR 539 and 22 BE 585


Emily Susan Coe:
Granny midwives: grandmother to nurse midwives


Shearer Robinson Aldridge:
An ethnobotanical analysis of the Coontown landing site (22LA545)

Tad Britt:
Archaeological investigations of five sites located within the expansion area of the Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport: a case study demonstrating the value of contract archaeology

Eric Anthony Duff:
Recent salvage excavations at the Oliver site and an evaluation of Mississippian period chronology in the upper Yazoo Basin of Mississippi

Mimi Holland:
Batesville mounds: a middle woodland platform mound and village site

Melissa Higgins Reams:
History, development, and current interpretation of federal historic preservation legislation: a guide for students and federal land managers


Richard Joseph Stallings:
Archaeological predictive modeling in the Northeastern Yazoo Basin, Mississippi


Jenny Dee Yearous:
Meadowbrook: an eighteenth century Chickasaw village

Kenneth F. Styer:
An evaluation of controlled surface collections from three potential DeSoto contact sites in western

Robert Charles Christensen:
Instrumental neutron activation analysis of Knife River flint from the primary source area: phase I- elemental description and statement of variability

Thomas Gerald Lilly, Jr.:
Shields of war and sacrifice: an iconographic analysis of murals found at Tehuacan Viejo


Patricia Marie Fay:
Archaeological site stabilization in the Tennessee River Valley- Phase III

Modeena May Stultz:
Architectural and artifactual implications for household organization in a satellite community in the Tehuacan Valley, Mexico


Linda Gay Fortune
The utilization of lithic resources in Sardis Lake, Lafayette County, Mississippi: further study of projectile points from the Savage collection

Wheeler Van France, III:
Chert Utilization at Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Area


Peter Richard Aschoff:
Seventy-five Years in North Central Mississippi: A Life History of John Lucas Adams

John Thomas Sparks:
Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in Clay County, Mississippi


John Clay Phillips:
Biface Reduction Strategies for Tuscaloosa Gravel: First Terrace Site Function in the Central Tombigbee Valley


Judith Lavann Pace:
Cultural resource management: a summary of its legal basis


Samuel Owen Brookes:
The Peabody phase in the upper Sunflower region

Jonathan E. Feinstein:
The weapons of the early bronze-middle bronze intermediate period in Palestine


Thomas Cleveland Carter Birchett
“Cuna Indian adaptation: the Mola as a vehicle of cultural identity”

David Turner Morgan
Ceramic analysis of materials from the Lightline Lake Site, Leflore County, Mississippi: a test case for type-variety in the Upper Yazoo River Basin sub-region

Carol Ann Raspet:
A production stage analysis of lithic artifacts from the Lightline Lake Site, Leflore County, Mississippi


Camille Margarita Hallman:
A dietary analysis of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians of northeast Mississippi


Nancy Ross Mitchell
Paleopathology in archaeology: the Humber Site (22-C)-601) as a case study


Samuel O. McGahey
An archaelogical survey of certain sites in Sardis Reservoir

Charles H. Nash
Residence mounds: an intermediate middle-Mississippian settlement pattern


John Marshall Connaway
The interpretation of non-material culture patterns from prehistoric archeological remains in the Southeastern United States

Frank Montgomery Hull, Jr.
The use of form in Cassirer’s symbolic theory of culture


Hugh Kimbriel Curry
Ceramic analysis of the Womack site

Robert Marion Thorne
The “Southern Cult”, indigenous or imported


Charles Scott Grantham
Leslie A. White’s energy theory and the great plains of North America