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University of Mississippi


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  • Fri

    Lecture: The Legacies of Slavery and School Segregation

    3:30 pmBarnard Observatory

    "Our Past is Our Present: The Legacies of Slavery and School Segregation"
    With special guest, Robert L. Reece, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas

    Barnard Observatory, Tupelo Room
    Friday, October 13
    3:30 PM

    To be Southern is to live in contradiction, to celebrate our past even as we try to move forward and convince ourselves and others that our past is truly the past. However, our past and present continue to run together. One prominent example of how our time runs together is in the ways that school segregation manifests itself across the region and its connection to chattel slavery. This talk explores that connection and explores the temporal melding intrinsic in the region.

    Sponsored by the University of Mississippi's Slavery Research Group