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University of Mississippi


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  • Fri

    Brian Foster: "'We ain't the blues no mo': A Story of Race and Collective Memory from the Mississippi Delta"

    12:00 pmLamar 555

    Don’t call it a comeback ... because it isn’t. Contrary to popular belief and conventional wisdom, black southerners don’t listen to the blues, at least not anymore, at least not the brand of blues characterized by guttural lyrics, lowered fifth notes, and accented downbeats. Not B.B. King. Not Howlin’ Wolf. No Sonny Boy. If this is the case, how do black southerners make sense of and navigate the recent growth of blues tourism and performance scenes in places like the Mississippi Delta? In this talk, Dr. Brian Foster, Assistant Professor of Sociology & Southern Studies, tackles this simple, but as yet unanswered, question, ultimately expanding to a broader conversation about the contemporary social epistemologies of black southerners.

    Part of the Department of Sociology & Anthropology Fall Lecture Series.