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  • Wed

    Maureen Meyers: UM Libraries Archives Brown Bag

    12:00 pmJ. D. Williams Library

    On November 15, Maureen Meyers will give a talk at the J. D. Williams Library as part of their Archives Brown Bag series, and in conjunction with Native American History Month, entitled: "Living, Making, Being: Houses & Craft Production at a 14th Century Native American Village in Southwestern Virginia."

    This talk will discuss the results of 10 years of excavations at the Carter Robinson site, a 14th century mound and village site in southwest Virginia. The occupants of the site made trade goods such as shell beads and gaming stones, and the excavation of six houses revealed each household was engaged in making different items. This summer the UM Field School uncovered a different kind of house, where nothing appears to have been made but the house was burned and rebuilt three times. This talk will discuss the households, craft production, and what recent excavations can tell us about 14th century native groups' lives.

    Everyone is welcome.

    Part of 2017 Native American Heritage Month. See flyer for full events schedule.