University of Mississippi

Current Sociology Graduate Students

BrieAnn Avery

Interests: Race, ethnicity, sexuality, poverty

Taylar Bolds

Interests: Gender inequalities, sexual identities, race, ethnicity

Caitlin Brooking

Caitlin Brooking


Laura Bruster 

Research Interests: Gender inequalities, Race, Ethnicity

IMG_3482Caroline Canarios

Research Interests: Migrant Labor Dynamics, Agriculture, Rural Food Security, Rural Sociology

LaTierney Frazier

Research Interests:  Criminology, Social Deviance

Daniela Griffin

Daniela A. Griffin 

Research Interests:Deviance, Poverty

Sarah Gayden Harris

Research Interests:  Community-Based Research, Social Problems and Population Health (specifically, preterm birth in the Mississippi Delta region)

Andrew Hoff

Andrew Hoff

Research Interests: News Media, College Athletics

IMG_3486Arthur Hosey Jr. 

Research Interests: Education and Socioeconomics


Hugh Jones

Research Interests: Social Movements, Impacts of Western “Development” Networks, Globalization, Political Sociology

Natya JonesNatya K. Jones

Research Interests: Parenting styles, family structure, youth deviancy, positive discipline practices and race

Kei MamiyaKei Mamiya

Research Interests: Race & Ethnicity, Gender, Mass Media, Intercultural Communication

Amy Pearson

Research Interests: Community development, rural sociology, population studies, qualitative research

Shanda TaylorShanda June Taylor

Research Interests: Gender, Sexualities, Identities

Ian WhalenIan Whalen
Research Interests: Gender, Sexualities
Lamar 546

Kayla Williams
Research Interests: Gender, social structure, family

Shan WilliamsShan Williams
Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity
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Ai Yamamoto
Research Interests: sociology of culture/cultural sociology, gender, Japanese culture, ethnicity, modern society