University of Mississippi

Current Anthropology Graduate Students

Nick Billstrand

John Bowler

Research Interests: Maya and SE Native American political economy, settlement pattern studies and analysis through spatial statistics in GIS

Hamilton Bryant
Hamilton H. Bryant III

Research Interests: Southeastern Archaeology/ Ethnohistory, GIS, Geophysical Prospection, Ceramic Analysis

Dalton Capps

Research Interests: Warfare, Lithics, Social Organization, Archaeology
Lamar 548

Emily L. Clark

Research Interests: Archaeology of the southeast, landscape archaeology, late prehistoric and contact archaeology

Gabrielle Coggin

Research Interests: Archaeology

Susie Davidson

Research Interests: Cultural Anthropology, antebellum and reconstruction

Raymond Doherty
Raymond Doherty

Research Interests: Southeastern Indians, Chickasaw, Historic Archaeology

Dwayne Ford

Research Interests: Japanese Culture and Medical Anthropology

Blake Gardner

Research interests: Cultural Anthropology

Timothy Harris

Research Interests: Cultural anthropology, counterculture, festivals

Kris Holsen

Research Interests: Historic Archaeology

Anna Huerkamp
Anna Marie Huerkamp

Research Interests: Cultural Anthropology, Rural Ecuedorian Andean Highlands

Nikki Mattson

Research Interests: Southeastern Native American archaeology, ceramics, lithics, community outreach, public archaeology
Lamar 548

Grace Meyers

Research Interests: Cultural anthropology, foodways

Spencer Oliver

Research Interests: Bio-Archaeology, GPR

Stephanie Orsini
Stephanie R. Orsini

Interests: Zooarchaeology, Maya

Melissa Quartarone

Research interests: Archaeological chemistry

Joshua Shiers
Joshua Shiers

Research interests: Southeast United States, Mississippi & Colonial

Nathan Shreve

Research Interests: Overhill Cherokee, protohistoric, fur trade, first contact, Cherokee origins

Allie Smith

Research Interests: southeastern archaeology, prehistoric archaeology, historical archaeology, geographic information systems (GIS)

Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Smith

Research Interests: Historical Archaeology, Southeastern Archaeology, Prehistoric Archaeology

Robert Waren

Research Interests: Historical Archaeology in the South, Southeastern Archaeology

Emily J. Warner

Research Interests: Ceramics, Southeastern archaeology

Arlissa Whisenant

Research Interests: Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, Latin America and Caribbean Studies

Nick Wood

Research Interests:  Archaeology of the Greater Southeast (focusing on Archaic and Woodland time periods, with special attention to social complexity and inequality)