University of Mississippi

Critical Race Studies Group


The purpose of the CRSG is to identify and address racial and other inequalities at the University of Mississippi and elsewhere, thus helping to promote vibrant, respectful, diverse communities.

The CRSG aims to be a leading contributor to both preventing and resolving problems concerning race and racism, particularly on our campus and in the Deep South.  We also want to move beyond the black/white binary, understanding that the category of difference known as “race” intersects with other axes of difference, including but not limited to sex, gender, class, religion, sexuality, and nationality.

CRSG scholars are committed to using interdisciplinary perspectives and complementary skills to inspire informed dialogue, produce engaged scholarship, and facilitate institutional change.  Through these efforts, we want to increase awareness of inequalities, and produce theoretically sound proactive measures and pragmatic solutions.

CRSG aims to serve as a source of expert opinion and professional support for administrators, students, scholars, community leaders, and journalists regarding racial and race-related concerns.  CRSG almost aims to provide opportunities for University of Mississippi students and faculty to engage collaboratively in public service through campus-wide, local, and national initiatives.








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