University of Mississippi

Faculty Office Hours

Fall 2015 Office Hours

Boudreaux, Tony  Wednesday, 2:00-5:00, Thursday 3:00-5:00
Centellas, Kate  N/A
Choi, Shine  N/A
Delerme, Simone  Tuesday 1:00-3:00, Thursday 1:00-2:00 or by appointment
Ethridge, Robbie  Tuesday, Thursday 4:00-5:00
Freiwald, Carolyn  Monday 2:00-4:00 or by appointment
Mendoza, Marcos  Wednesday, 9:00-12:00 or by appointment
Meyers, Maureen  Monday, 9:00- 11:00 or by appointment
Murray, Matthew  N/A
Passidomo, Catarina  In Barnard 112: Monday 11:00-12:00,  Tuesday/Thurs 12:00-1:00
Skipper, Jodi  Tuesday 12:00-2:00, and by appointment
Centellas, Miguel M, T, W, Th, 11:00-12:50
Dellinger, Kirsten  By appointment
Frezzo, Mark  Branch Campus.
Green, John  Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30-12:00
Jackson, Jeff  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00-11, Thur 2:00-4:00 or by appt
Johnson, Kirk  N/A
Johnson, Willa  N/A
Lake, Elise  Monday, Wednesday 1:30-3:45, Thursday 1:30-2:30
McDowell, Amy  Tuesday, 4:00-5:00, Thursday 4:00-5:00, or by appt
Nylander, Albert N/A
Oh, Minjoo Monday, 1:00-3:30, Wed 3:30-5:00, Fri 1:00-5:00
Sonnett, John  By appointment only
Thomas, James  Thursday 2:00-4:00 by appointment only