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Faculty Interest Areas

SOC Faculty Interest Areas


Death and Dying Bioarchaeology; Mortuary Archaeology Freiwald, Murray
Applied Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management Applied Archaeology; Cultural Heritage; Cultural Resource Management; Historic Preservation; Museum Studies; Public Archaeology Boudreaux, Meyers, Murray, Skipper
Archaeology Boudreaux, Freiwald, Meyers, Murray, Skipper
Biological Anthropology Freiwald
Cultural Anthropology Ethnography K.Centellas, Delerme, Ethridge, Mendoza, Passidomo
Ecology and Environment Anthropology and Environment; Ecology and Environment; Environmental Anthropology; Political Ecology Ethridge, Mendoza, Murray
Economy Economic Anthropology; Markets; Political Economy Mendoza
Education, Science, and Technology Education; Risk Studies; Science and Technology Studies K.Centellas, Mendoza
Food and Subsistence Zooarchaeology Freiwald, Passidomo
Global Anthropology Colonialism and Postcolonialism; Transnationalism; Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology K.Centellas, Delerme, Ethridge, Jackson, Mendoza, Passidomo, Skipper
Historical Approaches Ethnohistory; Historical Anthropology; Historical Archaeology; History of Archaeology Boudreaux, Ethridge, Meyers, Skipper
Identity and Social Solidarity Ethnicity; Identity; Nationalism; Nationalism and Postcolonial Modernity K.Centellas, Delerme, Mendoza, Meyers, Murray
Indigenous Peoples Indigenous Anthropologists; Indigenous People; Native Americans Boudreaux, Ethridge, Meyers
Landscape and Spatial Studies Archaeological Survey; Cultural Landscapes; Geographic Information Systems; Landscape and Spatial Studies; Place Boudreaux, Delerme, Mendoza, Murray
Leisure and Consumption Tourism; Sports; Consumption Studies Mendoza
Medical Anthropology K.Centellas
Migration and Immigration African Diaspora Archaeology; Colonization; Migration, Immigration, and Diaspora Delerme, Freiwald, Meyers, Murray, Skipper
Political and Legal Anthropology Anthropology of State; Law and Legal Studies K.Centellas, Mendoza
Religion and Ritual Anthropology of Religion; Archaeology of Ritual Murray
Social Complexity, Inequality, and Change Archaeology of the Ancient Celts; Conquest States; Early Civilizations; Social Movements Boudreaux, Delerme, Murray


Application and Practice Applied Sociology/Evaluation Research; Teaching and Learning in Sociology Green
Comparative and Historical Approaches Comparative Sociology/Historical Sociology; Development; Global and Transnational Sociology M.Centellas, Frezzo, Green, Jackson, Oh, Sonnett
Family, Life Course, and Society Family Lake
Gender and Sexuality Body and Embodiment; Sex and Gender; Sexualities Dellinger, W.Johnson, McDowell
Inequalities and Stratification Disabilities; Race, Class, and Gender; Stratification/Mobility Green, Jackson, K.Johnson, W.Johnson
Medicine and Health Medicine and Health Green, K.Johnson
Place and Environment Community; Environmental Sociology; Food and Agriculture; Rural Sociology; Urban Sociology Green, Lake, Oh, Sonnett
Politics and Social Change Collective Behavior/Social Movements; Holocaust Studies and Genocide; Human Rights; Peace, War, World Conflict, and Conflict Resolution; Political Economy; Political Sociology; Social Change M.Centellas, Frezzo, Green, Jackson, K.Johnson, W.Johnson, Oh, Sonnett
Population and Ecology Demography/Human Ecology Green
Qualitative Approaches Language/Social Linguistics; Mixed-Methods Research; Qualitative Methodology/Ethnography Dellinger, Green, Jackson, K.Johnson, McDowell, Sonnett
Quantitative Approaches Quantitative Methodology/Statistics; Social Networks M.Centellas, Green, Sonnett
Race and Ethnicity Asians/Asian-Americans; Migration/Immigration; Racial and Ethnic Relations Green, Jackson, K.Johnson, W.Johnson, Oh, Sonnett
Religion Religion W.Johnson, McDowell
Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance Criminology/Delinquency; Deviant Behavior/Social Disorganization; Law and Society Frezzo, Lake
Social Psychology and Interaction Emotions; Social Psychology Lake, Oh
Sociology of Culture Art/Music; Cultural Sociology; Food Studies; Mass Communication/Public Opinion; Religion; Visual Sociology K.Johnson, W.Johnson, Lake, McDowell, Oh, Sonnett
Theory, Knowledge, Science Knowledge, Social Thought; Science and Technology; Theory Jackson, W.Johnson, Oh, Sonnett
Work, Economy and Organizations Economic Sociology; Institutions; Occupations/Professions; Work and Labor Markets M.Centellas, Dellinger, Frezzo, Green