University of Mississippi

Sociology: Faculty Interest Areas

SOC Faculty Interest Areas



Application and Practice Applied Sociology/Evaluation Research Green
Teaching and Learning in Sociology Haenfler
Comparative and Historical Approaches Comparative Sociology/Historical Sociology Combs, Freezo, Jackson, Long, Oh, Sonnett
Development Frezzo, Green, Jackson
Global and Transnational Sociology Frezzo, Jackson, Oh
Family, Life Course, and Society Animals and Society Snook
Children and Youth Haenfler
Family Lake
Gender and Sexuality Body and Embodiment Dellinger, Oh
Sex and Gender Dellinger, Haenfler, W. Johnson, Snook
Sexualities Dellinger, Haenfler
Inequalities and Stratification Disabilities W. Johnson
Race, Class, and Gender Combs, Green, Jackson, K. Johnson, Long
Stratification/Mobility Long
Medicine and Health Medicine and Health Green, K. Johnson
Place and Environment Community Green
Environmental Sociology Green, Sonnett
Food and Agriculture Green, Lake
Rural Sociology Green
Urban Sociology Combs, Oh
Politics and Social Change Collective Behavior/Social Movements Frezzo, Haenfler, Oh
Holocaust Studies and Genocide W. Johnson
Human Rights Frezzo
Peace, War, World Conflict, and Conflict Resolution Frezzo
Political Economy Frezzo, Jackson, Long
Political Sociology Frezzo, Haenfler, K. Johnson, Sonnett
Social Change Haenfler, Long
Population and Ecology Demography/Human Ecology Green
Qualitative Approaches Language/Social Linguistics K.Johnson
Mixed-Methods Research Green, Sonnett
Qualitative Methodology/Ethnography Dellinger, Haenfler, Jackson
Quantitative Approaches Quantitative Methodology/Statistics Green
Social Networks Sonnett
Race and Ethnicity Asians/Asian-Americans Oh
Migration/Immigration Oh
Racial and Ethnic Relations Combs, Green, Jackson, K.Johnson, W.Johnson, Oh, Snook, Sonnett
Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance Criminology/Delinquency Lake
Deviant Behavior/Social Disorganization Haenfler, Lake, Snook
Law and Society Frezzo
Social Psychology and Interaction Emotions Oh
Social Psychology Haenfler, Lake, Long
Sociology of Culture Art/Music Haenfler, W.Johnson, Sonnett
Cultural Sociology Oh, Robinson, Sonnett
Mass Communication/Public Opinion K. Johnson, Sonnett
Religion W. Johnson, Snook
Subcultures Haenfler
Visual Sociology W.Johnson
Theory, Knowledge, Science Knowledge, Social Thought W. Johnson, Oh, Sonnett
Science and Technology Sonnett
Theory Haenfler, Jackson, Long, Oh, Sonnett
Work, Economy and Organizations Economic Sociology Frezzo
Occupations/Professions Dellinger
Work and Labor Markets Green