University of Mississippi

B.A. in Sociology

Degree Requirements

    • A Major in Sociology for the B.A degree requires 30 semester hours, including Sociology 101, 365, and 468, and two of the following three courses: Sociology 325, 413, and 427.
    • No more than 3 hours of Sociology 552 may be used for the major in sociology.
    • Sociology 498:  A proficiency test in the basic subject areas of sociology is required for graduation.
    • A minor may be taken in sociology. (18 hours). A sociology major may minor in anthropology, and vice versa.

Required Courses

101. INTRODUCTORY SOCIOLOGY I. Concepts and methods necessary for studying society. (3).

365. METHODS OF SOCIAL RESEARCH. An introduction to social science research. Topics include conceptualization and research design, sampling, measurement, data collection and analysis, and the logic of scientific inference within one or more of the research techniques used by sociologists (survey research, field research, historical and comparative research, content analysis, etc.). Prerequisite: SOC 101. (3).

468. SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY. An introduction to the ideas of 19th- and 20th-century sociologists such as Marx, Weber, Durkheim, and Mead, and the orientations of major schools of contemporary sociological theory (functionalism, symbolic interaction, etc.). Prerequisite: SOC 101. (3).

325. SOCIOLOGY OF GENDER. Examines the social and cultural construction of gender differences in contemporary U.S. society, focusing on the social history of gender roles and gender inequality in current cultural and institutional practices. Prerequisite: SOC 101. (3).

413. RACE AND ETHNICITY. Economic, political, cultural, and historical dimensions of contemporary racial and ethnic relations in both U.S. and international contexts. Prerequisite: SOC 101. (Same as AAS 413). (3).

427. SOCIAL STRATIFICATION. Theories of stratification, class, social status, gender, and conceptions of power. Empirical findings on the distribution of wealth and income in the United States, their concentration, income disparities for women and minorities, poverty and upward mobility. Federal tax policies and spending priorities as they affect life chances. Prerequisite: SOC 101. (3).


Minor in Sociology

A minor may be taken in sociology. (18 hours). A sociology major may minor in anthropology, and vice versa.