University of Mississippi

Awards and Honors

Taylor Medal

Taylor Medals are awarded to no more than 1 percent of the University’s student body each year. Recipients must be nominated for outstanding scholarship in a particular field, combined with superior work in other subjects.

2010 Billie Forrest (Anthropology)
2009  Drew Wilkerson (Sociology)
2000  Kurt Brummett (Sociology)

Awards in Sociology

Undergraduate Awards

The JULIEN TATUM AWARD, established in 1981 by the friends and colleagues of the late Dr. Tatum, former University professor and chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, recognizes the outstanding graduating senior in sociology.

Tatum Award Recipients:
2016 Lauren Hughes
2015 Joshua Shane Horton, Matthew Trent Fernandez
2014 Shanda Taylor, Melissa Wiesniewski
2013  Robert Corban, Emma Willoughby
2012  Heather Knight, Darian Khosrowshahi
2011   Kelly Pizzo, Curtis McGehee
2010  Robert Reece, Artair Rogers, Haley West, Blake Williams
2009 Drew Wilkerson
2008  Ryan Johnson
2007  Natalie J. Horton
2006 Jennifer Salu
2005  Mary Jo Williamson
2004  Christopher Kelly
2003  Jordan Camp
2000  Kurt Brummett
1999  Marina Igorevna Luybimova
1998  Anna Clayton Hale
1997  Thomas Nakia Magee
1996  Tracy Johnson
1995  Ralph David Ford

Graduate Awards

The LARRY W. DEBORD AWARD, established in 1996 by the friends and colleagues of the late Dr. DeBord, former University professor and chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, recognizes the outstanding student in the sociology M.A. program.

DeBord Award Recipients:
2016 Daniela Griffith, Caitlin Brooking
2015 Laura Bruster
2014 Vanessa Parks, Sarah Gayden Harris, Kristen Horton
2013  Danielle Kerr
2012  Tiffiney Grey
2011  Joey Brown
2010  Andrew Whitaker
2009  Shane Elliott
2008  Maggie Tate
2007  Gwen Wages
2005  Matthieu Dessier
2004 Deidre Tyler
2003  Jason Reese
2002  Kurt Brummett

Awards in Anthropology


The Francis James Award was named for Francis W. James, Professor of Anthropology, who died in December 1983. Francis was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Bucknell. During the Second World War she worked as an Editorial Assistant for the American Red Cross and the U.S. Public Health Service. After the war, she was a journalist in London and wrote articles on archaeology. Francis pursed her interest in archaeology by studying at London University’s Institute of Archaeology from which she obtained diplomas in the Archaeology of the Roman Provinces and Iron Age Europe (1953) and the Archaeology of Western Asia (1959) and a Ph.D. in Palestinian Archaeology (1963). She studied and/or worked in the field with such giants of archaeology as Dame Kathleen Kenyon, Sir Mortimer Wheeler, and V. Gordon Childe.

Her association with the University of Missisisppi began in 1965. Her research included work at Roman and Medieval sites in England; Jericho and Beidha in Jordan; the Phoenician city of Motya in Sicily; and Qadesh in Syria. She published numerous articles and two major monographs in the University of Pennsylvania Museum Monographs series, The Iron Age at Beth Shan and The Late Bronze Egyptian Garrison at Beth Shan. The latter was published posthumously with Patrick E. McGovern. The James Award is given to an outstanding senior Anthropology major.

Recent recipients of the Francis James Award:

2016 Laura Dona, Dalton Capps
2015 Timothy Michael Harris
2014 Kaitlin Moore, Mary Elizabeth Smithson (nominated for Taylor Medal)
2013  Mattie Codling, Mary Margaret Saulters
2012  Locakeya Griffin
2010 Jaquelyn Land
2009 Jaquelynn Ennis
2007 Andrew Whitaker
2006 Jenna Hale Phillips
2005 Anwen Culver Thomas
2004 Joshlyn Pickens and Raquel Morris
2003 Justin Rives Nicholas
2002 Amelie Louise Nolen
2001 Angela Caryn Innman
2000 Dennis Michael Duncan
1999 Stacey Lynn Shankle
1998 Alecia Marie Spooner
1997 Robert Ramsey Herrington
1996 Monroe Causey Ginn
1995 Lennon Elias Bowen, IV
1994 Margaret Allen Reese
1993 Gail L. Heimer
1992 Victoria Johnson Gimma



Departmental Awards

2006  Dr. Jay Johnson, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Faculty Fellow