University of Mississippi

Dr. Robbie Ethridge Appointed North American Editor for Ethnohistory


Dr. Robbie Ethridge, Professor of Anthropology has been appointed Journal Editor for Ethnohistory (North American Editor). 

UnknownEthnohistory, published by Duke University Press, is the flagship journal of the American Society for Ethnohistory (ASE). The ASE is the preeminent international organization in its field and Ethnohistory is the top journal in the field in this hemisphere—arguably in the world. Ethnohistory, as the name implies, takes as its core the discipline of ethnohistory, which is any scholarship inspired by anthropological and historical approaches to the human condition, and especially the historical experiences of  indigenous, diasporic, and minority peoples. Ethnohistory concentrates on populations in the Americas (North, Central, and South), however, exceptional submissions concerning other areas of the world are also published. The field of ethnohistory, then, is explicitly international and inter-disciplinary, and the journal reflects this by publishing works from the disciplines of geography, literature, sociology, and archaeology, as well as anthropology and history by authors from the world over.  It is considered top-tier in most journal rankings and is cited widely.