University of Mississippi

2013 Fall Lecture Series


The Fall Lecture Series has begun. Throughout this fall semester the Sociology and Anthropology department will host lectures highlighting current faculty research. Lectures will be held in Leavell 212 unless notified otherwise. Everyone is invited to attend!

Friday, September 13         Jeff Jackson, Associate Professor of Sociology
12:00pm                                     New Donors of Development Assistance: Is South-South Aid Really
Leavell 212                                 South-South?


Friday, October 4                 Carolyn Freiwald, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
12:00pm                                    Burial customs of the Classic Maya: A 1300 year-old Household
Leavell 212                                Burial Ground at Actuncan, Belize


Friday, October 25              Teaching Round Table
12:00pm                                    Come join us for a time to share and learn teaching strategies and
Leavell 212                                ideas for the classroom!


Friday, November 1            Kate Centellas, Croft Assistant Professor of Anthropology &
12:00pm                                   International Studies
Leavell 212                               Engineering Counter-hegemony: Chinese-Bolivian Collaboration
                                                      and the Tupac Katari Satellite