University of Mississippi

Ross Haenfler presents “Simple Steps Towards Transformative Teaching”

Ross Haenfler, Associate Professor of Sociology, recently led a Faculty Development Workshop hosted by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  If you happened to miss the workshop, “Simple Steps Towards Transformative Teaching,”  you can still download the handout or view the presentation through an iTunes U Podcast.  To view the podcast, click here and then select “Launch Public Site.”  Once the University of Mississippi iTunes U opens, you will should see “Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning” on the list.  Please see a summary of the event below.

Teaching can be transformative, making, in the words of teaching scholar Ken Bain, “a sustained, substantial, and positive influence on how students think, act, and feel.” Yet too often both students and professors leave the college classroom dissatisfied, and large, research-oriented state universities pose barriers to transformative teaching. This presentation will provide practical, actionable ideas towards the goal of encouraging deep learning and creating a more fulfilling experience for students and teachers. Topics will include building rapport, practicing humane teaching, generating excitement and discussion, making lessons relevant, and tapping into our and our students’ creative potential.