University of Mississippi

Leavell Hall

At 9am on Saturday, July 7th, 2012 members of the Leavell family toured Leavell Hall  as part of their Oxford family reunion festivities [See photo].   Leavell Hall was named in honor of Dr. Richard Marion Leavell,  a Professor of Philosophy and Political Economy at the University of Mississippi from 1890 to 1909.  Nine Leavell brothers subsequently attended the University of Mississippi. Leavell Hall was built in 1938, partially financed by the Public Works Administration. The building has served a variety of purposes over the years. It initially served as a men’s dormitory housing 68 students.  More recently, a University-sponsored preschool was housed on the first floor.  Jay Johnson, an archaeologist, pointed out that evidence of its existence remains– crayon on the front columns and the square in the front yard where the grass dies every July because the sand box was there.  In 1999 the Department of Sociology and Anthropology moved from Bondurant hall to Leavell.  While we have enjoyed our stay, we will be moving to Lamar (the Old Law School) at the end of Fall 2013.