University of Mississippi

Dr. Ross Haenfler presents at The Australian Sociological Association

Dr. Ross Haenfler presented his work on how participants in youth subcultures transition to work and careers at the annual meetings of The Australian Sociological Association in Newcastle. As part of a special plenary session titled “Alternative, DIY and ‘Subcultural Careers’: Leisure, Lifestyle and Youth Transitions,” Dr. Haenfler discussed how “older” straight edgers reconcile their subcultural identities with “adult” responsibilities. Some work full time in the punk or hardcore scenes, becoming professional scenesters. Others combine “conventional” and subcultural careers as tattoo artists, graphic designers, vegan chefs, or part time musicians. Still others work almost entirely in conventional careers but often draw upon skills fostered in the straight edge scene. The paper demonstrated that many youth do not grow up and out of their subcultural identities, at least not completely, and that what may seem like frivolous pursuits to adults can actually have lasting impacts throughout the lifecourse. While in Australia, Dr. Haenfler also presented his work on abstinence pledgers and lifestyle movements at Griffith University in Gold Coast.